Desde: Quepos

Buen dia, amigos.

Firing off a brief update from Quepos, in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica.  I’ve been in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area for a few days now, so far having beachcombed, trekked through a rain forest, and partied with both locals and other travelers.  Tonight I am going to do some kayaking through a mangrove river, scuba diving tomorrow morning, and white water rafting the following morning.  Back to Ciudad Colon on Sunday!

Today though, I would much rather be back home.  My favourite band in the world (in terms of interest in their most recent album, and excitement for their next), Silversun Pickups, are playing in good old Saskatoon.  I had been seriously considering paying an extra $90 to change my flight date and give up two weeks of paid accomodation in Costa Rica, just to see their show.  Fuck.

If you’re in town, go see them at Louis’.

Hasta Luego.

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The Victorious Monos

Hey howdy hey hi.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be embarking in the general direction of the San Miguel Antonio rain forest, to check out those fantastic monkeys and hit up the beach a bit.  Going to aim for a 4-6 day excursion, just letting the wind and new people take me wherever, I guess.

Some pictures of the apartment, as well as my database from Cuba have been uploaded to facebook… I’m still trying to figure out how to put them on here!

Anyway.  That’s all to report.

Hasta luego.

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It’s Settled

My existence and habitation in Costa Rica, that is.

Picked up a rice steamer and other amenities, and spending a couple of days now just “living” in Ciudad Colon.

The gym is great, lots of resistance gear, yoga classes, a punching bag and even (joy!) wave masters.  They have lots of cardio gear as well, including a recumbent bike, but it was unplugged and after about five minutes of trying to figure out where the ac jack goes, I gave up and used a regular one.

I’m planning some sort of rain forest trek in the immediate future, probably either the Sendero Laguna Meandrica trail at Parque Nacional Carara famous for rare birds, which is supposed to be quite challenging and would give my Gortex boots a good work out (still breaking these mothers in!), or muck around the Manuel Antonio National Park, famous for squirrel monkeys (joy and glee!), which is quite a bit further away.

I’m leaning toward the former though, for its greater diversity of flora and especially its proximity; Carara could be a one overnight trip, whereas Antonio would require at least two.

There is a third option, Parque Nacional Corcovado, which has lots of Baird’s Tapirs and other rare wildlife, but it’s a multi-day trek and perhaps not the optimum choice for one’s premiere rain forest hike.

Ultimately I think it’s going to come down to the convenience of Carara’s proximity vs the glory of Antonio’s monkeys.  Jesus fuck, I don’t know if there is any creature on earth so simultaneously cute and creepy.

I’ll post when I decide, I guess.  Pictures of the apartment going up tomorrow.

Hasta luego.

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Business as Usual

I write to you while smoking a bowl of Cocoa ma’asal in one of my hookahs and drinking a frosty cerveza, so I’m not lacking in creature comforts.

I’m still getting set up here, today I picked up a few groceries (to my glee they have olive oil here!) and signed up at the gym.  Tomorrow I plan to complete the process by picking up some bulk oatmeal and rice, and a steamer.

Apart from that, I am planning a few trips for these two weeks-or-so before classes begin.  Options on the table are white-water rafting, rain forest trekking, kayaking, beach bumming and scuba diving.  Choices are such a burden!

The weather here is fantastic for my starting out as a Canadian polar bear, varying between 20 and 24 with clouds and occasional showers.  There are supposed to be thunderstorms for the next few days!  (I should probably pick up an umbrella).

Finally, while my phone is not enabled for long distance calls, I can of course receive them.  E-mail me for my number.

Hasta luego.

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Here I am.

Hey howdy hey hi, friends and acolytes.

I have decided to sometimes write things here for you to read.

One should expect it to develop eloquence and elaboration as the days pass.

I have arrived in Costa Rica, occupied a habitation in Ciudad Colon, and mostly unpacked.  Tomorrow I must buy groceries and other necessary sundries, and a membership at the gym.

My current disposition is very tired.  Following a night of binge drinking, I traveled for nearly twenty-four hours without sleep.  I finally nodded off around eight, but was just awoken by a guerrilla attack mounted by some local spiders who did not appreciate my assumption that their nest had become my bed.

Being the improvisational wonder-genius that I am, I commenced the eradication of their bedward forces by means of… sunblock.  War is ugly.

So now I have chipped out a wee nook in what I only sarcastically refer to as ”the blogosphere”.  I am very enthused to begin graduate studies here at the university, and confident that all kinds of adventures will ensue.

Hasta Luego.

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