It’s Settled

My existence and habitation in Costa Rica, that is.

Picked up a rice steamer and other amenities, and spending a couple of days now just “living” in Ciudad Colon.

The gym is great, lots of resistance gear, yoga classes, a punching bag and even (joy!) wave masters.  They have lots of cardio gear as well, including a recumbent bike, but it was unplugged and after about five minutes of trying to figure out where the ac jack goes, I gave up and used a regular one.

I’m planning some sort of rain forest trek in the immediate future, probably either the Sendero Laguna Meandrica trail at Parque Nacional Carara famous for rare birds, which is supposed to be quite challenging and would give my Gortex boots a good work out (still breaking these mothers in!), or muck around the Manuel Antonio National Park, famous for squirrel monkeys (joy and glee!), which is quite a bit further away.

I’m leaning toward the former though, for its greater diversity of flora and especially its proximity; Carara could be a one overnight trip, whereas Antonio would require at least two.

There is a third option, Parque Nacional Corcovado, which has lots of Baird’s Tapirs and other rare wildlife, but it’s a multi-day trek and perhaps not the optimum choice for one’s premiere rain forest hike.

Ultimately I think it’s going to come down to the convenience of Carara’s proximity vs the glory of Antonio’s monkeys.  Jesus fuck, I don’t know if there is any creature on earth so simultaneously cute and creepy.

I’ll post when I decide, I guess.  Pictures of the apartment going up tomorrow.

Hasta luego.

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  1. Yay for monkeys! Sorry I didn’t get to see you before you left but glad to know you are enjoying Costa Rica!

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