Okay, last entry.  Phew (ja ja).

In between the foundation course and the beginning of what I’ve referred to as “real classes”, I went to the Caribbean Coast near Puerto Viejo with eight fantastic people, and had an excellent break.

There were about thirty or forty UPeacers in the area, and we had some opportunities to drink to three sheets and get our reggae on.  (I didn’t see you guys as much as I would have liked too, though!).

The nine of us who traveled together from UPeace stayed in a charming cabin up in the jungle, owned by my friend Wendy’s landlord in Ciudad Colon and his three brothers: glorious hosts.  They really made us feel like family, cemented on the day we left with cries of “¡MI HERMANO!” and friendly, vigourous slaps on my poor, sunburned shoulders and back.  On Sunday night we were planning to go out on the town, but delightfully swayed into a tranquilo night at the cabin with our four hosts starting up an ad hoc band from a guitar, a plastic bucket, and a water bottle filled with rice.  ¡Que cantadores!

We spent the greater parts of our days laying on the beach, swimming in the moody Atlantic and taking light treks up to breath-taking miradors.  Excellent times.  I got my salt intake covered for the next couple of months, extended my tan past my forearms, and didn’t have to completely forgo exercise.

On the way home, the time passed very quickly for me as we set up my Ipod and portable speakers so as to have some tunes, and I had to meet the challenge of musically satisfying seven girls and a Frenchman for over four hours with my selection consisting primarily of Indie rock and folk.  ¡Que trabajo!

So yeah.  Absolutely wonderful trip.  Pictures from others are up on the facebook, will try to upload mine soon.  I guess that’s all I have to say on the matter.

¡Pura Vida!

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