Objective Altruism (Or: What I Believe In)

We have been discussing in our Media, Peace and Conflict Studies class whether objectivity is possible, whether it is practical, and whether it is good.  I think it can, under the right circumstances, be all three.  In any event, this has been an imperative for me to actually formulate and write down the principles that I believe in.  This is not a prescription for anyone else, just what works for me.

1. There is no right, there is no wrong. There are no truths, only half truths.  “Relative right” is understanding “half truths” as they are; “relative wrong” is believing them to be truths.  All conflict stems from relative wrong, all peace stems from relative right.

2. Act always to serve others and never to please them; these are usually diametrically opposed paths.  Be aggressively passive and resented more than appreciated, and you will better both yourself and others.

3. There is inclination and there is duty; this is a dichotomy.  If duty is endeavoured out of inclination, it is false.  If duty is endeavoured solemnly, it is service.  Indulging inclination is the path of relative wrong, service is the path of relative right.

4. Emotion is the forbearer of inclination.  It belongs exclusively in private life.  Reason is the forbearer of service.  It should reign in public life.

5. Believing or disbelieving without adequate evidence is indulgence in inclination.  It is relative wrong.  Instead be always questioning and critical, this is service.

6. In all things, act and speak as though the world was as it should be, not as it is, and in doing so you will help to make it so.  You will be perceived as a fool, a meager sacrifice.

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