On Propaganda, Kin and Impending Challenges

Been pretty busy academically and alcholically… so I haven’t had much time to write here lately.

We just finished a course on Propaganda studies, which I loved, partly because it was in a pretty traditional Canadian-university style, by which I mean we remained rigorously and undeviatingly focused on directly relevant topics…  which I think is the most significant reason that the non-Canucks in the class didn’t care for it.

I’m comfortable with the idea that propaganda is categorically undesirable, no matter what the cause or endeavour… but in addition to Orwellian concerns and Hitlerian applications, we also considered its possible benefits.  The professor Randall Marlin was a pretty classical academic, so we focused a lot on theory, which I found refreshing from the general UPeace paradigm of the practical international application of concepts.

Some of my family has been visiting me for the past week; we went to Montezuma which was pretty relaxing, and environmentally varied enough to be interesting for four days.  The river trek to the waterfall proved injury-inducing, as I had some issues finding the clearly marked “easy way”… between leaving and returning to Ciudad Colon I busted up my left wrist, left knee and right ankle, so I’m trying to heal those up as quickly as possible, because…

Tomorrow at 6pm our media class leaves for Conflict Journalism Field Training.  In a remote Nicaraguan military base.  Joy, joy, joy joy joy joy joy joy joy.  A friend’s perspective and position is here.  Basically, the idea is to go through a number of physical rigours and training with little food and sleep, and then be a journalist in a simulated Columbian conflict; we aren’t allowed to know much more than that, but I’ll report on it when we return next Saturday.  Suffice to say that I’m incredibly excited.

This will end the academic year at UPeace, que lastima.  I’ll be on campus for two weeks after returning, concluding the class with presentations and debriefings and such things, and then hammering into my thesis research before disembarking to Honduras for a month… elaboration on that to come.

Also… I’m switched to a new theme because people have complained that the typeset on my old one was too small.  So there.

Love in Orwell, Confucius and Amanpour.  Pura vida.

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