Hon My Way

Wow is that ever a lame title.  I really couldn’t think of anything better.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be disembarking for a pretty solid challenge, undertaking field research and writing my thesis in Honduras.

By 2pm I’ll be in central Tegucigalpa, putting in 12-14 hours a day reading archives and interviewing politicians, military officials, news editors, and journalists suppressed, coerced and prostituted by the Micheletti interim regime last year.  Honduras reached a point of relative stability in the inauguration of the Lobo administration in January and the conclusive decision by Congress in December to deny the reinstatement of ousted President Zelaya, who many if not most Hondurans, and many if not most Latin American governments still support as legitimate leader.

The paper’s focus will be on the way in which national media either supports and legitimates or undermines and delegitimizes a regime in a conflict situation by influencing public opinion; the two major challenges of this will be researching and demonstrating the realities of media behaviour during the Honduran political crisis, and establishing a solid historical and theoretical basis for the facilitating assumption of media influence.

Once the field research is done in central Tegucigalpa, a profoundly impoverished city overwhelmed by civil unrest and violence, I’ll head to the coast and the cays of Utila to compile everything and write the paper, either submerged in work or the crystal blue ocean whenever I’m not sleeping.  The whole process will run from May 25th to June 25th, when I’ll return to the University for Peace, finalize the thesis and submit it with pretty epic appendixes.

The working title is “Guard Dog: The Nature of Media in the Honduran Political Crisis”.

Love in Morazan.  Pura vida.

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