Tegus Day Six: Confined to the Archives

So much for daily reports.  This whole content analysis thing is about as dreary as I’d expected, generally my day is still consisting of the following.

7am: wake, shower, prepare and consume instant oatmeal and coffee.

8am: go to the national archives, bury face in old newspapers.

12pm: cigar, coffee and empanada break.  Resume.

4pm: wearily taxi home, enter and code data, research literature.

12am: sleep.

Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

But I’m starting to gear up for interviews, so that should be more interesting.  Tomorrow I plan on finishing my data entry for the first half of my analysis and almost all my literary research… so during the second half of data collection over the next three days, I should be able to start interviewing journalists, radio hosts, politicians, newspaper editors, etc. who affected or were affected by the political crisis here.  Haven’t been arrested so far, so it’s time to crank up my disobedience.

Love in Erasmus.

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