Graduation Day

Today the class of 2010 graduates from the University for Peace in its 30th year…

You can watch it here.

I think the ceremony will begin around 4pm.

Pura vida.

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated this.

In summation, after getting my thesis research done in Tegus and booking it to the Jewel Cay of Utila in the Bay Islands, I took about two weeks to write the paper itself.  It was an extremely mellow and relaxing place to work, and I was able to do a lot of diving and snorkeling in between writing; I got my PADI specialization in wreck diving and nitrox, and the way the (incredibly cheap) hotel is set up you can literally step out the door, slap on a mask and leap into a beautiful array of coral filled with rays, lobsters, parrot fish and other interesting life forms.  So that was good.

The paper turned out well, it’s been graded and submitted into the UPeace library, and a number of Honduran analysts and activists have encouraged me to get it published… we’ll see.  Right now I’m just waiting for graduation which is in two days, then a weekend of farewell hugs, kisses and drinks, and I’m back on a plane to Saskatchewan to take a break and refocus my trajectory.

It’s a weird feeling as I approach another major lifestyle change, but I’m overwhelmed with happiness both for the opportunity to make so many new great friends and experiences, and for my return home to reconnect with all my loved ones and figure out where to go from here.

Pura vida.

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